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absolute pleasure to work with

The Off Leash K9 Training Team was an absolute pleasure to work with. I did their two week boarding "bootcamp" and it was the best money I've ever spent on my pup. They went above and beyond to film videos of our fur baby showing off his new manners (and tricks). Highly recommend them to other dog owners who want to see significant improvement (and would rather let the pros do it much faster than doing it themselves...)

Aaron Wang  //  Verified Google Review

we are very pleased

Rob and Sharon have been amazing with helping our pup learn his manners. Our fur baby attended the two week camp with them and they did a wonderful job communicating with us on his progress, and even made several videos to show his progress. I highly recommend working with Rob and/or Sharon. We got a different dog out of it, one who is much more mannered, and we are very pleased.

Allison Hillyer  //  Verified Google Review

well trained dog

We are super excited to have our Abby home from her 2-week board and train with her trainer, Mary. She was a good puppy but was in serious need of obedience training. Mary kept in communication with us regularly with emails, pictures, and videos. Abby came home a different puppy. We now have the tools and resources to keep the training going at home. We are thrilled to finally be in control again and looking forward to many good years with a well trained dog.

Mary A. //  Verified Google Review

great place to train

I found Off Leash K9 training through a google search and I chose it because of all of the positive reviews. Mike Trimble is an amazing trainer.  He was patient with my rescue dog Phoebe and I could see changes in her behavior after the first training session.  This is a great place to train your dog and I would recommend it to everyone who's looking for a facility. Ask for Mike!

Alex Carson  //  Verified Google Review

It was amazing!

We contacted Off-leash soon after our daughter was born in order to get some obedience training for our (then) 9 month pit-mix. He did "ok" with my wife and I, but with all the new people coming to visit it became clear we needed to do something. He was already over 45 lbs of pure muscle and I did my best to contain him when visitors stopped by.
We signed up for the in-home Advanced lesson and within the 1st visit we saw the value for our money. We worked with Mike Trimble for the remainder of our sessions and it was amazing. Now, not only are we able to  control our pup in our home, we have the confidence to take him in public (dog parks, nature trails, Lowe's hardware, etc.). I would highly recommend this company and Mike personally for their professionalism, but also their love of working with pups. People are amazed at the good boy he has turned into. Can't say enough good things about Off-leash!

Gray Mitchell  //  Verified Google Review

Worth every penny

My boyfriend and I bought two puppies a month apart from each other so we definitely had our hands full! We got an American Bully, then we got our Great Dane. We knew we wanted to get them trained and K9 Off Leash had good reviews and the 2 week boarding program definitely appealed to us. We sent them off when the youngest, the Dane, was 5 months old exactly. We were very excited! They each went in a week apart so it was a long 4 weeks! We received videos and pictures every couple of days from Miranda our trainer. She stated she used to be a vet tech and she seemed to be very caring. I have had people tell me they wouldn't want to send their dog off with a stranger for 2 weeks. Miranda was very friendly and never once made me feel like I could not trust her with my dogs. I was very pleased to find out that she was training both of our dogs, at her own home! I am happy they were not kept at a boarding facility and they got to spend a week together! They were extremely depressed when the other one was gone... the bully is definitely very stubborn, he does things very slowly. The Dane gets a little distracted but they are still just babies! I am very impressed with the results, they are more responsive to commands, they sit, lay down, stay, place in one spot, heel, very good boys! It is important to know they are not miracle workers! Your dog is not going to come out like a K9 unit or service dog, it does require work at home as well. I was very happy with my experience, worth every penny.

Shae Darby  //  Verified Google Review

we are thankful

Miranda is amazing! She very quickly assessed not just Miller but each of the human family members-- we were all at different levels-- and gave us confidence and a common language to use together. Our training was so much fun, we looked forward to our lessons as a family, and Miranda just fit right in as a family member! She has been helpful and quick to answer questions outside of class, and her love for Miller is genuine. She is a special soul and we are thankful we have found her.

Sarah Purcer  //  Verified Google Review

Trainer was patient and kind

Had a great experience here training Charlie!  Trainer was patient and kind and Charlie loved him!  Thank you so much!

Mary Cottone //  Verified Google Review

This really works.

We are amazed at our Australian Shepherds great behavior!  Mike our trainer was very knowledgeable, our dog warmed to him, he was at ease and made us feel the same.  I recommend this for anyone with a highly energetic smart dog.  We now have the assurance that our dog is safe because he returns when commanded and that others will feel comfortable being around him.

Barbara Brown  // Verified Google Review

talented and passionate

Mary at Offleash in Duluth completely transformed our rambunctious, defiant puppy into a completely new dog! We had our puppy placed in the 2 week board and train so we were a little nervous and skeptical but Mary sent us daily video/picture updates to ease our nerves and kept us in the loop about what she was working on that day. At the end of the training, Mary did a step-by-step walk through of each new skill and gave an opportunity practice with her help. She’s incredibly personable, talented and passionate about working with fur babies!

Rachael B  //  Verified Google Review

very encouraging, positive

I have a one-year-old standard poodle, Noodle, who is already really well behaved. I'd say he was a good boy before but now he's a GREAT boy! I initally wanted to get him ecollar trained so I can have more control at the dog park when he humps other dogs. I got WAY more out of our sessions than expected. Noodle knew the basic obedience commands (sit, place, come, down) but would do it on his terms. A week after his ecollar training, he was immediately listening to me on the first command. I think it's important to note that I trained with Noodle outside of our class almost 5 times a week for 30+ minutes.
We did the basic obedience class with Emily who was the perfect trainer for us! She is very encouraging, positive and reassuring. She taught me how to properly handle the ecollar and how to praise Noodle when he's doing a good job. Emily really put things in perspective for me and reassured me that Noodle and I were on our way to success. Thank you Emily for such a great experience at Off Leash K9, we look forward to booking more training sessions with you!

Hailey Curtis //  Verified Google Review


Off Leash K9 has been a lifesaver for me and Charley (collie/chow/pit mix). I signed Charley up for the dog reactive program because she was leash aggressive and would go 0 to 60 in no time. Charley loves playing at dog parks and is great in public but all of our issues were occurring around the apartment complex. 
In the beginning our lessons were held at the dogma facility. Of course, Charley acted like an angel and paid no attention to the other dogs they brought in to distract her (totally not the reaction I get at home). We learned place, heel and other helpful commands along with learning how to use the e-collar. After our 4th lesson I realized I needed to get her in her home environment so we could really work on her insecurities. Mike Trimble helped me setup in-home appointments which was AMAZING!!! THE last 3 lessons have been a serious life changer. Mike got to see her reactions  and we were able to work through those aggressions. He was very patient with her and she loved his helpful companions Obi and Roxy. Charley now walks with confidence and doesn't pay attention to other dogs in passing. Her improvements are incredible and I can't wait to keep working with her. More importantly, Mike helped give me the confidence to take control of stressful situations. I can't thank him enough for his help. I am one proud momma!

Kristy Giragosian  //  Verified Google Review

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